Thank you so much for your interest in our research! We rely on parents like you to help us answer our questions about children’s reasoning about the world.

To Participate:

If you are interested in participating in our research, please click here or call 773-834-7110.


To learn more about child development research at the University of Chicago, check out the website for the Center for Early Childhood Research. Also, check out our annual newsletter, which provides information about the progress of some of our most recent projects.


Frequently Asked Questions


How can my child participate in your research?


We conduct our research in our lab at the University of Chicago campus and in schools, day care centers, and camps in the Chicago area and throughout the country. We would love to have you participate in the lab and plan appointments to fit your schedule. We are generally open Monday through Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. However, we also have appointments on a few Saturdays every month and are often open during school holidays.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please call us at 773-834-7110. Please let us know if you think your child’s school, camp, or other group might be interested in working on our research with us!


Where are you located? How do I get there?


We are located at 5848 S. University Avenue (between 58th and 59th Streets) in Chicago. We are on the University of Chicago campus and are accessible by the Metra and the #2 and #6 buses. If you are driving, we have free parking in the Lexington Lot, located across the street from our building. A member of our lab will meet you to let you in. Click here for an interactive map.


How long do your studies take?


Each of our studies takes an hour or less, usually about 10-15 minutes. They are designed to be brief and engaging, but if at any time your child wants to take a break, we can stop the study at any point. Since our studies are short, we like to do more than one study while you are here if you and your child are up for it.


I have more than one child. Is it okay to bring everyone?


Certainly! You are welcome to bring all of your children, even if they are not all the right age for one of our studies. We will try to work with our colleagues in the department to find something for them to participate, but if there are no studies for their age group, they are welcome to play in our family waiting area, either with you or a member of our research team.


Can I be with my child the entire time?


Of course! Parents are always welcome to stay with their child for the duration of the study. However, we ask that you follow the experimenter’s instructions (if any) and please refrain from interacting with your child so that you do not influence their responses.


Do I or my child receive anything for participating?


Definitely! Every child that participates in our research receives a personalized certificate and can choose a small prize, like a T-shirt or a stuffed animal. Parents receive $10 for their time and travel.


Will I find out the results of my child’s performance?


Not exactly. In general, we are most interested in the behaviors of large groups of children of a particular age, not the responses of individual children. However, we can tell you a bit about the progress of the study so far.


I received a brochure or phone call from your lab. How did you get my information?


We receive information about families from a marketing company and send brochures to all of the families on our list. If a family sends back the reply card from the brochure or contacts us after seeing one of our ads or hearing about our research from a friend or family member, we add them to our database of volunteers. We share that database with our colleagues in the department and use it to contact families whenever we have a new study for their child’s age.

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